Xenon Arcade Machine – 6000 Games


Owning a Xenon multi-game arcade machine is an excellent way to enjoy a wide array of classic arcade games in one convenient and stylish package.


Product Description

Relive the golden age of arcade gaming with the Xenon arcade machine! Featuring vibrant retro graphics, classic gameplay, and authentic arcade controls, Xenon offers an unforgettable gaming experience for enthusiasts and collectors alike. Perfect for game rooms, entertainment spaces, or nostalgic gatherings. Get your Xenon arcade machine today and bring home a piece of gaming history!

Original SF2 Design with Ryu and Ken on opposing sides.


  • 26″ LCD monitor
  • Assembled in Australia
  • SF2 artwork design
  • 2 joysticks (6 back lit LED button controls)
  • Trackball
  • Stereo Speakers
  • Heavy Full Size Cabinet
  • Rear corner wheels for easy transport
  • Back Lit Marquee Banner
  • 2 Years Warranty

6000 in 1 Games Package

  • Original Arcade Games
  • Nintendo – NES, Super NES, Gameboy Advance
  • Sega – Master System, Megadrive, Game Gear
  • Atari – 2600, 7800, Lynx
  • Game & Watch
  • Custom Favourites Menu
  • High Score Saving
  • Download Games List Here


  • Cabinet Size – 72w x 84d x 166h (cm)
  • Carton Size – 87w x 73d x 168h (cm)
  • Weight – 80kgs

PDF Games List here